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My work is dedicated to unearthing the hidden longings of the hearts of women. I find nourishing and meaningful fulfillment by providing tools and resources for women to reconnect to their own inner wisdom and creative potential so that they can liberate themselves from whatever is holding them back - personally or professionally.

My favourite pathway is helping women discover their SACRED SAUCE - their soul’s secret recipe. What are the special ingredients that make up its unique expression? How can any lost pieces be nurtured back into daily life?

Discover the 7 keys to your sacred sauce HERE

My gift is illuminating and sparking the hidden potential in my beloveds. Shifting and changing perception around old stories, trauma and woundings. My invitation is to bring conscious awareness and choice to women so that they can intentionally create a life by design instead of by default. I love to help women bring their ideas and vision into physical form so that their inner dreams match their outer reality.

I provide enchanting, intuitive painting playshops, lead heart based women circles and retreats to create lasting personal transformation. Guided visioning, ritual arts, yogic, dance and embodiment practices are just some of the nourishing balms that I bring in my medicine kit. Facilitating group adventures in sensory exploration in a playful, yet honouring and grounded way.

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Who am I ?

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    Visionary Artist - Intuitive Empath - Spirit Dweller - Bohemian Earth Mama - Curious Explorer - Nature Lover -  Earnest Truth Seeker - Sacred Space Creatrix - Ceremonialist

    Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher -  KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor - Licensed Facilitator for The Desire Map & The Fire Starter Sessions



What do I care deeply about? 

  • RECLAIMING our sovereignty and authentic identity beyond society’s conditioning and cultural impositions

  • PROTECTING our natural world and all of the beautiful sentient beings with whom we share our home

  • EMPOWERMENT of Women - why? Because they, in turn, empower their families and communities.

  • CONNECTION, collaboration & community

  • LIVING a compassionate merciful life which adheres to the precept "no killing" - peace begins with what’s on our plate

  • LIBERATION of collective consciousness from the matrix of illusion through self discovery and awareness

  • EXPLORING diverse cultures, countries and landscapes of our world

  • ELEVATING consciousness


One Heart, One Tribe, One Home
~ Lisa Adriana

May our Wounds be Fertile Ground for Fragrant Flowers to Grow
May our Tears of Sorrow cast Rainbows from Heaven to Earth
May our Heart be a Comforting Refuge for all of Creation
May all of Creation be a Reflection of our Brilliance
May our Noble Path bring Love, Blessings and Grace to All.
~ Lisa Adriana

What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for one another?

After All this is Over, All that Will Really Matter is How we Treated One Another


Lisa is a very loving, empathetic and understanding person


“I am really glad that I met Lisa and was able to be helped by her when I needed it the most a few years ago. Lisa is a very loving, empathetic and understanding person as well as an intutive emotional healer. She really takes time and makes sure people are cared for - especially for those who are going through a difficult time in their life. Her passion for empowering women is always inspiring. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is needs help and will be inspired by her presence and wisdom. “

~ Michelle Tung

“commitment to elevating the standard of how humans love themselves”


Lisa is one of the brightest lights most people will come in contact with. I met her at a very formative early age and she has always been an intuitive, playful and healing energy in my life. Her commitment to elevating the standard of how humans love themselves and each other is remarkable and a blessing to us all.

~ Rashida Young


“Lisa has been helping me to find my own path!”

"What to say about Lisa Oh My Gosh! Since the first connection with her my life journey has been amazingly improved, Lisa has been helping me to find my own path, discover what I really enjoy doing, see how beautiful and strong I am (self-love). I love the way she shows me things I never thought about before. “

~ Marcia Fisher

“I trust her implicitly ”


"Lisa and I first met only 2 months ago, yet it was immediately obvious to me that she is a very intuitive woman. Lisa also has a huge heart and is a fantastic listener.  I trust her implicitly and we've bonded quickly.  I learn something wonderful from her in every exchange.

I was recently in the midst of a big decision and was having difficulty figuring out what to do.  I tend to be very logic-oriented but I’ve discovered that approach doesn’t always serve me well.  

She taught me how to listen to my heart and how to connect with my heart using an unguided meditation.  It worked amazingly well and I knew how to proceed.

The truly mind-blowing part of this is how I have been able to stay connected to my heart ever since then and how that connection helped me stay true to what my heart desires.  Even though there have been some significant challenges along the way, miracles showed up in my life right when I needed them to so I could make my dream a reality.

I credit Lisa’s talents and abilities with this big win.  She has positively impacted my life in a significant way.  I feel honored to know her.”

- Jen Sparks


"Now out of love, I am pursuing dreams of my childhood

El beanieme.jpg

Lisa is the unconditional spirit mother mentor I've envisioned in my dreams. I've always attracted older male mentors, but as a young woman I knew there were things only an older empathic spirit seeker that had a womb could share. There is something so precious about a non blood relative woman telling you the wisdoms of the earth within and the skies above, and whispering that you are the magic of the universe. There was an instant trust and opening from Lisa, a soft invitation to seek more, and a deeply supportive way of guidance through my doubts, fears, and insecurities. Recently, I really struggled in connecting with my father, his illness and how to be a supportive daughter. Lisa reached out to me and offered wisdom and insight that hit my soul. She shared her story that had synchronistic overlap with mine, and offered me the strength to pursue my passion of love. As if a bell had rung, and I knew that those words were exactly what I needed to hear. They brought tears to my eyes when I heard them, and pushed me down a path that I've been pushing from myself for far too long. Out of fear. Now out of love, I am pursuing dreams of my childhood, and healing the relationship with my father. Lisa is extraordinary, and her inner eye is strong. My love for Lisa is boundless, and I would trust her with my deepest sadness, and most painful wounds. For she is light and love, in all the ways you could hope for in a deep friend. 

- Ellesar Brugger